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About Code Immersives

The Best Total Immersion Programmer Training In NYC.

Code Immersives is dedicated to providing students with the programming skills they need to enter the digital job market or advance their existing careers. We provide an in-depth education in a variety of programming languages and technologies led by instructors with decades of industry experience.

Because of our commitment to excellence and the quality of our immersive curriculum, we are the ONLY accredited coding school in New York authorized to accept students under the GI Bill.

We are centrally located in midtown Manhattan, just steps from Times Square and less than a mile from New York's "Silicon Alley", where major tech corporations like Google, Facebook, and Youtube are headquartered.

How Does Code Immersives Stack Up?

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Code Immersives Programs

The Code Immersives Web Development Immersive program consists of 12 courses of 75 hours each, for a total of 900 hours of instruction.

During this 11-month program, students receive in-depth training in two full stacks: LAMP (Php-MySQL) and MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node.js). Other important technologies that also have their own 75-hour courses include: API's (including Google and IBM Watson), Ruby, and Python. The final two courses include servers, networking, security and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Architect official training. The latest implementations of HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive (mobile-first) design are covered, including Flexbox and CSS Grid layout. We invite you to explores our program offerings in depth and we extend to you an open invitation to visit the school and sit in on a class at no charge or obligation.

Cloud Computing Architecture is an AWS Academy program is designed to develop technical expertise in cloud computing and prepare you for the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification exam.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect course covers the following concepts in both lecture and lab:

  • Designing and deploying dynamically scalable, highly available, fault tolerant, and reliable applications on AWS
  • Selecting appropriate AWS services to design and deploy an application based on given requirements
  • Migrating complex, multi-tier applications on AWS
  • Designing and deploying enterprise-wide scalable operations on AWS
  • Implementing cost control strategies

Code Immersives Curriculum

HTML5, CSS3 & Responsive Design

Starting from no assumption of prior knowledge of these technologies, students are taught the latest standards and best-practices for HTML5 and CSS3. Innovations in Responsive layout are covered, including Flexbox, CSS Grid and Media Queries. Code Immersives students learn to write elegant, semantic, mobile-first code from scratch, before they are allowed to use any frameworks at all. Once the pure coding foundation is in place, students are introduced to Bootstrap, the industry leader in "just works" Responsive frameworks. Students also learn how to use Github, every professional developers favorite repository and version control site for sharing their code with the world.

75 hours = 4 credits

Javascript, JSON, AJAX & jQuery

Javascript (JS) is the programming language of the Web, and the only fully-featured language that can run entirely in the browser. JS powers the behaviors and interactivity of virtually all Websites today, and is an absolute must-have skill for today's developers. At Code Immersives, students start learning Javascript with Course 02, but that is only the springboard; fully half our courses rely heavily on Javascript, including the LAMP and MERN Stack courses, the API's course and, of course, Advanced Javascript. JSON and AJAX are subsets of Javascript; JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a format by which data is loaded and exchanged by Web Applications, which AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) refers to a set of Javascript methods and properties that load data onto the webpage asynchronously (without the entire page needing to be reloaded). AJAX is key to building SPA's (Single Page Applications). jQuery is the Web leader in JS Libraries, providing a myriad of out-of-the-box widgets and features, including image galleries, navigation systems and data loaders.

75 hours = 4 credits

LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, PHP-MySQL

PHP-MySQL has long been the web's leader in dynamic, data-driven applications, with 80+ % of all sites that have a backend using the LAMP Stack. From Facebook to Wordpress, Wikipedia to Yahoo, and literally millions of smaller sites, PHP-MySQL easily dwarfs all other web development platforms combined. At Code Immersives you will learn step-by-step how to integrate PHP-MySQL with Javascript-AJAX to hand-code single-page, mobile-first Search applications, Content Management Systems, E-Commerce sites--and even your own Social Network.

150 hours = 8 credits

Advanced Javascript & Javascript Libraries: Jquery & Three.js

Javascript has been around nearly as long as the Web itself--and has been an industry-leading programming language from the early days of Web 1.0. The language has steadily evolved to face an increasing set of demands and opportunities, with data-driven Web 2.0 applications marking a transition point around the year 2000. However, with the debut of EcmaScript2015 (a.k.a. ES6) in 2015, Javascript took on virtual super-powers, becoming a fully Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language, as robust as Java, C++ and other Computer Science kingpins. In this course, students make the move to fully OOP programming, achieving the level of Javascript Ninja skill that they will need as they segue into API's (Course 06) and the Javascript-based MERN Stack (Courses 07-08). Students will be requied to maintain an active Github presence, as they push production-level code on a near daily basis. New JS skills include callbacks, promises, fat arrow functions and virtual DOM manipulation.

75 hours = 4 credits

Application Programming Interfaces (API's)

Application Programming Interfaces (API's) are web data services, which can be integrated into the developer's applications. API's are like building-block components that add power and functionality to websites. In this course, you will learn how to tap into the power of IBM Watson Cloud, Google Services, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, among others. You will also how to build and deploy your very own API. The languages we will use in our API SDK's (Software Development Kits) include Javascipt and PHP.

75 hours = 4 credits

MERN Stack: MongoDB, Express.js, React.js & Node.js

MERN is a cutting-edge Javascript-based, full-stack solution for creating SPA's (Single Page Applications). It encompasses MongoDB (a NoSQL database), Express.js (a Node framework), React.js (a frontend JS Library developed by Facebook) and the must-know Node.js. An alternative to the MEAN Stack, based on the Angular Framework, the MERN stack has been earning converts at all levels in the last few years. A favorite of startups and other forward thinking shops, MERN represents a must-know suite of technologies for developers wishing to future-proof their skillset. At Code Immersives you will start in Course 07 with Node, Express and Mongo, before moving onto the frontend magie of React in Course 08. With 150 hours of instruction from some of the best React developers in the industry, you will have the time to grow your abilities and make your own amazing projects and portfolio pieces that will stamp you as a Full Stack MERN developer.

150 hours = 8 credits

Ruby, Ruby on Rails & Sinatra

Ruby is a popular web programming language and development platform, renowned for both its powerful capabilities and syntactic simplicity. Ruby on Rails (or "Rails") is a Ruby-based framework with extensive libraries and plugins, called Ruby Gems, that allow programmers to more quickly build robust Web applications. Sinatra is another Ruby framework, less fully-featured than Rails, but easier to learn. Ruby powers some of the biggest names on the Web, including GitHub, Shopify and Airbnb. Code Immersives students will be able to transfer much of their existing programming skill to this new challenge, as they integrate API's, SPA front end development and database connectivity into their Web applications.

75 hours = 4 credits

Python with Data Structures & Algorithms

Python is consistently ranked among the top programming languages for developers to learn. It is the language of choice by many scientists and data analysts, and its applications are used to tackle a myriad of technical challenges. Ruby is also a fully-featured Web development , with its framework, Django, renowned for its ability to enable rapid prototyping of Web applicationss. In this course, Code Immersives students will apply Python to advanced problem-solving as they delve into the important topics of data structures and alogrithms. The students' deep experience and background to date will be leveraged as take their programming skills to the next level.

75 hours = 4 credits

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Architect Certified Associate Training

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a vast and rapidly expanding ecosystem of cloud-based services, including, but not limited to, web hosting, data security and data analytics. AWS is based on a virtual server paradigm, where customers can easily create and delete server instances in accordance with their web traffic needs, as opposed to having their own fixed-capacity servers. Companies large and small are seeing the benefit of not having to buy and maintain their own servers, and are moving in large numbers to the Cloud, and particularly to AWS. The bottleneck is skilled AWS technicicans to facilitate this sea-change. Enter Code Immersives, an official Amazon Academy. In Course 12, Code Immersives students complete their training program with 80 hours of AWS official training. At the conclusion of the course, students may elect to take the AWS Cloud Architect Certified Associate Exam. To give our students the best chance of achieveing certification, we have Course 11, described above, which is the AWS prequel or prerequisite training in systems, servers and networks. AWS certification will be a great complement to our students' already impressive skillset and portfolio--especially since it was recently reported in the NYT that AWS certified professionals enjoy a salary that is 26% higher than comparable professionals who are not AWS certified.

80 hours = 4 credits


Code Immersives instructors are some of the best developers in the industry. We only employ the most knowlegable and talented industry professionals with decades of experience. Our instructors have worked for major technology and media companies such as Google, Facebook, NBC, Samsung and others.

Brian Mcclain
Director, Instructor

Brian McClain

B.A. Duke University

Sean Reed

Sean Reed

Data Science
Data Visualization
Natural Learning Processing
B.A. Physics, Fordham U.

Carlos Padilla Contreras

Carlos Padilla Contreras

BS Comp Sci UAlbany

Raul Aristy

Raul Aristy

Computer/IT Hardware
Content generation

Code Immersives News


Meetup - Code Immersives presents Shopify E-commerce workshop

Thursday, December 20, 2017 | 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Come to Code Immersives Presents a great new Meetup subject: SHOPIFY! Join us for an fascinating evening of fun and career building, as you learn how to use Shopify, the Web's hottest Ecommerce Store-builder solution--to build and launch a fully-functional online store--all in one Meetup presentation!



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Programs for veterans and international students.

Veteran Students

VeteransVA Approved Web Developer Program

Learn to Code on your G.I. Bill

WELCOME VETERANS! You served your country. Now it's our turn to serve you. Code Immersives is V.A. Approved for G.I. Bill.
VETERANS EDUCATION BENEFITS Qualified veterans and dependents are eligible for educational benefits while attending programs at DFA Code Immersives. Contact the Code Immersives Admission Office for immediate assistance.

Internation al Students

International StudentsStudent Visa Program

Digital Film Academy's Code Immersives is authorized to enroll foreign students under the F1 student visa. Please take notice – visas take time to process. We strongly suggest that you contact Admissions at TO OBTAIN AN I-20 First apply to the DFA Code Immersives (either online or by mailing or faxing an application).

Internation al Students

Financial Aid Assistance

Digital Film Academy participates in Title IV Federal Student Financial Assistance programs. Students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents may qualify for one or more of the following financial assistance programs.


Internation al Students

Employment Assistance

Our employment assistance services are available to graduate students seeking industry employment. We can help students prepare for interviews, and introduce students to major digital talent agencies that place candidates into open positions in fortune 500 companies.

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